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Deal analysis service Trader Make Money – how reliable is it?

 Deal analysis service Trader Make Money – how reliable is it?

With ongoing volatility and instability of the market traders need to track their trading history and analyze their losing trades – and Trader Make Money is ready to help with that. The project is a “crypto-trader’s journal” where the user can record his used entry points and calculate profits.

Trader Make Money project features and user agreement

Before analyzing the main advantages and disadvantages of the service, it is necessary to pay attention to the legal documents of the company. As such, this company is not registered anywhere – it is unclear why it has a Barcelona address in the website footer. No documents of incorporation are presented on the website.

The Trader Make Money’s official website was registered in August 2020. In the user agreement, the developer fully disclaims responsibility for any losses incurred by the client as a result of using the products, and also separately specifies the waiver of claims.

Trader Make Money project reviews and user opinions

Although the company has been operating for a year, there are almost no reviews third-party portals. Basically, all reviews posted about Trader Make Money are located on the project site itself, but there are also some third-party reviews.

Отзывы о проекте и мнение пользователейTrader Make Money отзывы размещены на самом сайте проекта

There are no negative reviews on the internet, but, apparently, the service does not have much popularity. It cooperates with platforms that sell training courses of doubtful quality, as well as states a partnership with the Binance exchange. At the moment there are no negative reviews about Trader Make Money.

What does the project do and what does it provide?

It is important to understand that the site itself does not provide access to trading and does not provide advice on how to enter or exit the deal. The developer offers an innovative trading journal to track the history of transactions on cryptocurrency exchanges. According to him, the service does not gain actual access to the user’s account.

The Trader Make Money project itself is not a broker and has nothing to do with making trades. It provides an opportunity to connect widgets with analytical tools and use the application to analyze the efficiency of the trading strategy. The main advantages of the program are:

  • Interface customization tools – filters and other functions are available for the user for organizing the data;
  • Using multiple accounts at the same time – by adding API keys from multiple accounts Trader Make Money service allows the users to export the trading history and statistics in one document;
  • The instant synchronization – all information about trades appears in the journal in real time.

Характеристика проекта Trader Make Money

Price list and payment methods

There are three tariffs for access and further use of the application. The program cannot be found in free access – the developer provides it only after registration on its official website.

Subscription level Beginner Trader Pro Trader
Price Free From $4.99 to $6.99 From $12.99 to $14.99
Number of available API keys 1 key 3 keys Unlimited
Trading history storage duration 1 month Unlimited Unlimited
Additional features Filtering and categorizing trades Leverage calculation, export to Excel file, 10 analytical widgets There are available all analytical widgets and features from previous subscriptions , priority support

The trader should realize that he voluntarily accepts the use of third-party software, which can be unsecure. The developer also reminds that there is no withdrawal from Trader Make Money and the money is not refunded after the subscription payment.

The work with such applications is at the user’s risk. Though, at first glance, there is no catch in the use of the journal, the details of the code and the system operation on the website are not disclosed in any way while the reviews on the internet are still not enough to form a final opinion about the service.



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